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Engineering Without Manuals

ISHI is the world's first Real-Time Simulation Tool!

ISHI: Intelligent Simulation Hub for Engineers

ISHI – Intelligent Simulation hub for Ingenieurs (Engineers), has a hell-of-a-brain and you will never need a manual / tutorial to use ISHI! Did you know that ISHI can run simulations 10-100 times faster than existing tools? All you’ll need is a decent desktop/laptop!

ISHI is driven by an AI engine with extensive domain expertise and will decide and suggest the optimal course of action for the user based on their problem description with high accuracy and speed. This means that you can focus less on setting up the simulation and more on problem analysis. Pouring over software manuals would be a thing of the past with ISHI!

The future in simulation is here! ISHI caters to your very specific needs and eliminates everything else that you don’t care about! ISHI is delivered to you as a light-weight app based on your or your client’s requirements.

While ISHI is on the cloud coming up with the best possible solution for you, our advanced formulations ensure that you can run simulations faster than ever on your desktop instead of servers!

ISHI comes with and end-to-end encryption and we do not store any data of consequence onto our servers. This means that you will never have to worry about sharing proprietary information.

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